Garden Centres

Fidelity Systems has supported the Garden Centre industry sector with EPoS management solutions for over 20 years.

Over this time the team has been fortunate to work in partnership with a valued range of forward thinking Garden Centre Management Teams and Shop Floor Representatives. This has resulted in the Fidelity Garden Centre EPoS team being surrounded by an unprecedented level of industry knowledge.

This knowledge has been fully embraced and applied diligently throughout the EPoS design and development journey, contributing to a proven track record of high levels of ROI for clients.

Fidelity EPoS delivers a scalable solution that’s not only about meeting the forever evolving needs of the Garden Centre business of today, it’s also about ensuring a robust and secure solution is in place, ready to support diverse product and service ranges and future growth!

Fidelity Systems is committed to supporting Garden Centre growth through ease of use and supporting your visitor / customer experience.

We do this in a number of ways, to name just a few:

For the Garden Centre 

  • Secure, real time access to a full 360 degree view of all transactional and stock data – across all sites, at any time / any where
  • Provison of accurate and efficient labelling processes
  • Support for shop floor teams with mobile technology – enabling stock and price checking whilst on the move, never lose sight of your customer
  • Much more . . . .

“We enable your teams to take control of your full product range and enable them to get the data that really matters, when it matters.”

For the Customer 

  • Fast and efficient price and stock checks, not to mention faster check out processes
  • Efficient restaurant ordering
  • Views of latest offers / new products launches / up and coming sales events via the adverting portal at checkout
  • Much more . . . .

“We help Garden Centres to enhance the customer journey and visitor experience”

We not only support the forever evolving retail and restaurant experience that today’s Garden Centre delivers, we ensure you have the systems in place and ready to support your Garden Centre challenges of tomorrow . . . .

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