Yoyo Wallet integration is live

Our EPoS systems are now able to accept Yoyo Wallet payments.

What is Yoyo Wallet?

Yoyo Wallet is a UK based mobile wallet app that enables its users to pay for goods with their smartphones. Yoyo Wallet currently process over 150,000 monthly in-store transactions. They combine payments and loyalty data to provide a marketing platform for retailers.

The system also enables retailers access to loyalty programs and rewards offerings for customers targetting users based on their buying patterns.

It's very clever stuff and we're delighted to have set up an integration that allows our clients to tap into this offering.

If you would like to update your Fidelity EPoS software to be able to accept Yoyo Wallet payments, get in touch with our support team:

01482 223556


If you don't currently use our EPoS systems and you'd like more information, get in touch with us:

01482 585 343


Posted in Education, Garden Centres, Holiday Parks, Student Unions, Visitor Attractions on Sep 04, 2019

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