University and SU installations

University and SU installations across the country during their summer break

The summer season for us tends to be all about Universities and Students’ Union retail and hospitality outlets. Whilst the students are away, we move in and work with the site teams to make upgrades, changes and put in new installations.

And this summer was no different; we have been all over the country working on campuses big and small.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our university work this summer:

Sheffield Students' Union

  • As part of a large refit programme and following the successful trial of our self-serve checkouts over a three-month period, we installed two more units. This takes their self-serve checkouts up to four terminals and their staff operated checkouts down to two.
  • We upgraded their systems to accept WeChat/Alipay payments from Chinese nationals, as well as Yoyo Wallet payments.
  • But the biggest news here is that we installed a self-serve and pay food ordering kiosk in their catering facility. It allows customers to order their breakfast and lunch using the touchscreen, select their condiments and pay. The order is immediately printed out in the kitchen for processing and the customer collects it from the counter using the order number on their receipt, when it is flagged as ready.
  • The idea is for minimal staff interaction and if successful they will install extra units.

Staffordshire University Students' Union

  • Installation of a full self-serve trial in the retail shop.
  • This is part of a refurbishment programme and includes our zero-waste solution which allows customers to weigh and buy goods using their own containers.

Queen Margaret University Students' Union

  • Till upgrades.

London School of Economics

  • New till terminals in their cafes and bars with customer facing digital screens.

Heriot Watt University Students' Union

  • Till terminal upgrades.

University of Winchester Students' Union

  • Supporting on a full shop refit by The Retail Group.
  • Installation of self-serve checkouts in the retail area and new bar tills, as well as some till relocations.

Liverpool Guild of Students

  • A full kitchen management set up with order processing screens in the kitchen and linked tills in the bar.
  • This is a new customer for us, and we have installed a full cloud based set up.

University of St Andrews Students’ Association

  • Upgrades to terminals and database.

University of Westminster Students' Union

  • New till terminals across their campus shops and bars allowing the Regent Street site to be fully cashless.

Falmouth University FX Plus (Private Company)

  • We have installed a whole new till system across all the campuses, sites and locations here. All linked back to seven management computers. They have a mix of fixed and mobile till units.

University of Suffolk Students' Union

  • This is a very exciting installation of a self-serve only retail outlet that is also fully cashless!
  • This is part of a total refurbishment scheme led by The Retail Group.
  • We will be updating on this installation as they bed in with the new set up.

University of Lincoln

  • Having installed new tills and an instant loyalty and admissions system at the University of Lincoln Sports Centre earlier this year, this time we were installing till terminals in their two, brand new mobile catering and refreshment vans.

Queen Mary University of London

  • Installation of new till units

Newcastle University Students' Union

  • After a successful self-serve trial, we have installed 2 additional self-serve units.
  • They have also been set up to accept Yoyo Wallet payments.

Swansea University

  • They have been working hard to make changes to their product database and we are supporting them implementing these changes onto their tills.

Goldsmiths College Students' Union

  • Installation of new chip & pin units.

Royal Holloway University of London Students' Union

  • Movement of the till units.

Leeds Beckett Students' Union

  • New till terminals.

University of Stirling Students' Union

  • Installation of a full kitchen management system.

The University of Central Lancashire Students' Union

  • Installation of self-serve checkouts and new tills.
  • Yoyo Wallet payments have also been enabled.

Bournemouth University Students' Union

  • Installation of new tills in the bars and customer facing digital advertising screens.

We’ll update you with how the students are getting on with self-self, pre-order etc as this academic year progresses.

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Posted in Education, Student Unions on Oct 24, 2019

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