Two wholesale EPoS integrations launching

It’s been a long road for our development team, but we now have in sight the launch of two game-changers for our clients… The introduction of Fidelity Systems EPoS software integrations with AF Blakemore AND Costcutter.

Both integrations will be going live in November and now is the time to get yourself on the priority list to get them first.

This is massive news as it will streamline stock ordering processes for a lot of our clients.

Our back-office management software allows clients to view stock levels in real time across all their sites. Now, they will also be able to replenish stock items running low at the click of a button and with a ‘just-in-time’ approach.

  • No more manual checking of stock rooms

  • No more need for store teams to report to head office on stock levels

  • No more manual stock ordering and working from multiple systems

  • Stock is now visible AND orderable from one system

This integration will not only save your business time and effort. It will also give you more control of your retail operation.

We speak to retailers who have stores ordering certain items every week, ending up with a stock room full of items not selling as quick as they’re coming in. Avoid this and gain tighter control across your retail operation with real-time sales, trends and stock management with our Fidelity EPoS software. And, manage your stock ordering from the same system.

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Not already a Fidelity EPoS user, get in touch to find out how our system and our wholesale integrations can help you better manage your retail operation.

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