Self-serve checkouts for retail and hospitality

Love them or loathe them, self-serve checkouts are gaining in popularity and are springing up everywhere.

We are installing self-service kiosks for our customers every week now. Some outlets, like the Students’ Union shops across the Suffolk University campus, have even moved to 100% self-serve.

And the great thing with self-serve is you don’t have to fully commit to the concept up front, you can get one unit and see how it impacts your business and your customers. Then decide if you want to add more terminals or not.

Self-serve isn’t just for supermarket chains, it works really well for all types of retail outlets and hospitality.

We have put self-serve ordering and payments points into restaurants and cafes. They allow the customer to order their food, drink and pay at the self-serve point, then they either await table service or they get their order from a collection point.

The process of self-serve allows the customer to take control of their own transaction. They can take their time or speed through the process as desired.

In 2013 there were 191,000 self-serve units in use across the world. In 2019, there are now 325,000. And by 2024 it is estimated that there will be 468,000 in use.

In a January 2019, survey, they found that 60% of businesses asked said they would be installing self-serve terminals in their stores over the next 12-18 months.

They also reported that 90% of 18-39 year olds find self-serve checkouts easy to use, and 50% of the over 60’s said the same.

In a world where customers want a quick and ‘frictionless’ shopping experience and with self-serve expanding into all areas of our lives, now is a great time to explore your options and give it a try.

At Fidelity Systems we offer floor standing, wall mounted and countertop self-serve terminal options. They work seamlessly with our current products and are quick and easy to install and set up.

For more information, a demo or to enquire about getting self-serve into your business, get in touch:

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