Santa's little helpers

Supporting British Garden Centres with their key grotto opening dates

For garden centres, Christmas is now a key time of the year for boosting footfall.

Santa's grottos have been opening across the UK since the beginning of November and the planning and set up started at least 12 months ago!

Grottos are big business. Garden centres need to get them right to help secure the important Christmas trade, but also to help introduce the centre to a new audience of potential 'revisitors'.

With British Garden Centres (BGC), having taken over so many new sites in the last 12 months, their Christmas offerings are more important than ever.

Working in partnership with them, we have identified their key grottos and will be providing extra weekend EPoS support for their go live dates.

If they experience any EPoS issues on grotto opening weekends, they will get in touch with our engineer on call on a specific direct number.

We understand the importance of these 'go lives' for BGC and we want to be there for them however we can to help ensure everything goes smoothly.

BGC have also rented additional EPoS hardware and equipment from us, to help them with the busy festive season.

If you are interested in our EPoS and support solution, get in touch: 01482 585343 or email

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Posted in Garden Centres on Nov 13, 2019

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