NUS Trade Show 2019 Stand B47

We are busy finalising our plans for NUS Trade Show 2019, 4th July NEC.

This year we are showcasing how our EPoS technology is changing rapidly to support you being more efficient and keeping up with the changes your customers expect.

Our new technologies and key parnter integrations allow you to be more mobile, more flexible and deliver self service to your Students and Customers.

Visit us at the NUS Trade Show on 4th July and we can show you exactly how powerful our EPoS solutions are.

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Here is a summary of some of things you'll be able to try at the show:

Online / Kiosk Ordering

Your customers can now order online , in app or at a Kiosk.

Orders are sent to your EPoS for processing and reporting.


Kitchen Video / Management

Kitchen printers eat paper, ribbons and provide no management data.

Our integration with Logwood allows you to replace printers with screens and get a huge amount of kitchen management reporting.

Logwood Reports.PNG

Self Service Checkout (Retail)

Your Customers can checkout themselves in Retail. Our partnership with NCR and our latest software developments allow you to prevent queuing and let your staff focus on replensishment and customer service.


Electronic Shelf Labeling

ESL means you no longer need to print and change 1000's of paper labels in store. We simply install a wireless controller, battery powered labels and you control them through Total Control Premier.


AF Blakemore

Our integration with AF Blakemore is going through final changes following ongoing testing at three pilot sites.

If you are interested in EPOS systems and how Fidelity Systems can support your retail or hospitality operations, get in touch:

01482 585 343

Posted in Student Unions on Jun 10, 2019

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