Kitchen Order Management

Ace how you serve your customers with our Kitchen Order Management System

Whether you have a large restaurant or a small café or bar, you need to be slick at what you do to keep customers coming back.

This doesn’t just mean serving great products, more often than not, it’s about the time it takes to queue and the time to receive an order.

Our Kitchen Management System links your EPoS to your kitchen and or barista station. It can also link directly to your Fidelity online food ordering service - click for more information.


With our Kitchen Order Management System, you can:

  • Speed up the time it takes to get orders from your till point to your kitchen
  • Keep your team where they are needed
  • Take information about allergies or menu alterations at the point of order
  • Add on condiment choices at point of order to reduce repeat table visits
  • Eliminate the need for paper orders and human touch points to get them to the kitchen
  • Split your orders so they get displayed in the area they are needed: kitchen/barista station/bar
  • See orders displayed in chronological order as well as grouped by current total items ordered to make processing quicker
  • See real time menu stock countdown
  • Report on every aspect to understand how your business is performing

Real time communication screens

As soon as you key in an order at your point of sale, it goes in real time to where it needs to be. No delays, no distractions, no waiting. The order either gets printed in your kitchen or barista station, or it appears on their screen immediately.

If you go for the screen set up, orders show in the order they were taken, as well as showing as grouped items. For example, across 5 orders were 10 portions of chips. This means you get orders out in the right order but also speed up the process overall.

Drinks orders can be split so they print out or show on the barista screen in real-time and not on the kitchen screen. Again, in order priority as well as grouped items.

You can also have a customer screen in the collection area. This means customers can safely social distance and avoid queuing, but will see on the screen when their order number is ready for collection and the stage of preparation. Clever positioning of your screen would also allow people to wait outside and only enter your premises when their order is available to collect.

Reduced human touch points

There are many benefits of having screens to display your orders. You won’t need to use paper or other reorderable consumables, cutting costs and waste. Another huge benefit at the moment is that it reduces physical human touchpoints. No slips of paper will need to be touched, written on or taken anywhere. It’s a clean and quick process which keeps your front of house order and payment takers at the till and not running between the till and the kitchen.


You can report on everything to analyse how your processes and business is performing. See the food and drink choice trends, what is being altered or requested a certain way. When items are being ordered and how often, to help with food preparation and ordering.

Report on the times it takes customers to go from ordering to eating, and how long people are spending at the table between ordering and payments being made.

All this data can influence how you organise your business and staffing levels to maximise your return.

Stock countdown

Get real-time menu item availability as you take orders.  

By integrating your EPoS system and your Kitchen Management System, we can give you a menu countdown. You’ll never need to revisit a customer to let them know something has run out and they need to pick an alternative.  

Upsell prompts

Programme in upsell prompt reminders to help maximise your transaction values. Each menu item can have a pop-up question about things like adding a garlic bread or portion of chips.

Kitchen information on the order

Gather all the information about how something needs cooking, allergies or menu changes upfront. This will then be printed onto the order or show on the order screen.

Our system supports social distancing and provides safer interactions - it’s about more than just processing payments. 

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