Customer facing digital displays at Bournemouth University

We have just rolled out customer facing displays for the bars and The Old Fire Station on the Landsdowne Campus at Bournemouth University.

This means the employees have a screen with all the details they need, and the customers have a screen that can display not only what they’ve bought and the total cost, but also advertising, offers and event details.

Screen content is controlled by the main user back office set up. Each screen can have its own custom content or be set up to show the same across all screens in a certain area, location or outlet. The content can feature static information or scroll through different messages.

It’s a fantastic marketing and awareness tool.

This type of customer facing digital screen works across retail or hospitality outlets to great effect.

To get more information or to try this out for yourself, get in touch:

01482 585 343

Posted in Education, Student Unions on Aug 30, 2019

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