Cashless systems

Go cashless across your site with our cashless payment system. 


The use of physical money has been declining for some time for a multitude of reasons. Lots of universities, schools, holiday parks, leisure facilities and tourist attractions etc are moving over to a member card transaction process.

It’s a great option to give visitors a single card to make payments and gain access to areas of your business. It’s also safer and less cumbersome than carrying cash. With the option to have a photo of the card holder on the till/EPoS system, this provides a further element of security for you and the user.

The benefits of this are that you are able to maximise spend per group because people are more likely to spend the money they’ve put on their top up card than also spend money off site. Plus, you can get data on how people use your facilities. You can also apply discounts and offers to people cards, as well as loyalty schemes and points collection.

These can work very well where you have repeat business and repeat visitors or want to create and reward customer loyalty.

Topping up

Your customers can either top up card their cards online or with a traditional top machine on your site. You can set your cards up to give a bonus if a certain amount of money is added to a card, or you could give a monthly bonus for hitting certain loyalty requirements. There is a lot of flexibility in how you run your cashless scheme.

Access cards

You can also use the cards for access to certain areas or attractions. Meaning a cashless system works really well for schools/universities, leisure clubs, holiday parks etc.

EPoS integration 

Our cashless system works alongside our EPoS solution so you can report on activity and control privileges and offers from a single system.

Going cashless

Going cashless doesn’t need to be exclusive. You can take both money/cards transactions as well as cashless payments. However, you might decide to go fully cashless straightaway or over time as your customers get used to using it.


Self-serve checkouts / food ordering kiosk

A popular addition to going cashless are our self-serve checkouts. You can really make steps to reduce operational expenditure by using cashless payments and self-serve checkouts. Our self-serve screens can even be used as a food ordering kiosk. This means your customers can order their food on the screen, pay with their cashless card and then wait for their order at your collection point.

Posted in Education, Holiday Parks, Student Unions, Visitor Attractions on Jul 24, 2020

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