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Fidelity has installed a multisite hosted EPOS solution with customer loyalty scheme. 

Fidelity were recently awarded the opportunity to supply a multi-site hosted EPoS solution to Vale Holiday Parks, a family-run business dedicated to holidays full of family fun in coastal Wales and Cornwall. 

The key objective of the new solution was to drive sales and profit by: 

· Using a consistent EPOS system in all of the retail and hospitality venues across all sites. 

· Centrally monitoring each venues performance in real time and controlling stock ordering, prices & promotions accordingly. 

· Introducing a two tier loyalty scheme to reward customers for using the site facilities. 

In the five parks with hospitality or retail venues, touch screen terminals have been installed with the appropriate cash drawers and barcode scanners. The terminals operate Fidelity's GPoS software who's highly configurable screens were designed along a consistent theme but tailored to the individual outlets products, enabling quick customer service and low staff training requirements. 

fidelity's back office software provides the head office with ultimate real time control over all of the sites EPoS systems and stock control. This has been achieved by hosting the software on a Citrix Server and allowing individual sites to generate stock orders which, then have to be authorised by the head office prior to submission to the supplier. Head-office also manages the product database in terms of overall pricing and promotions. 

Rewarding customers' loyalty will be achieved at each site with two reward schemes managed by Fidelity's Instant Loyalty software. Initially the caravan owners have been given a loyalty card which entitles them to a 10% discount on all purchases they make on site. Plans are also in place to introduce a second loyalty scheme "Vale Holiday Social Member" for anyone who uses the sites facilities, local residents etc. 

Rolling this consistent solution out to all sites with central control delivered instant results, for example the management were able to challenge sales rang through the till versus drinks given to customers as seen on CCTV coverage. 

The Fidelity solution is 'a breath of fresh air that is easy to use and has paid for itself within the first 12 months by giving greater visibility to what is happpening at the point of sale" Thomas Scarrott, Finance Director.