Innovative facility management for Colleges. Depending on the size of the college, commercial outlets can include catering, shops and sports centres. Fidelity’s complete college solution provides complete control over all three.


Fidelity’s G-PoS software is used at the point of sale for catering, shops and the sports centre with the back office control being achieved with Fidelity’s Total Control Premier.

The catering solution includes the option of a totally cashless system utilising either smart cards or magnetic cards. Generally the magnetic card solution offers a cheaper alternative for smaller colleges who don’t need the complete campus solution, however as the system is fully scalable the various components can be mixed and matched. Vending and access control options are also a feature of the Fidelity solution.

  • G-POS touch screen software is used in all point of sale applications
  • Reports available at the press of a button give the administrators full insight into what is being spent where, when and by whom
  • Back-office software with industry standard database structure, designed to share and access information from multiple databases, keeps the administration tasks to a minimum
  • A fully scalable solution with no annual licence fees
  • Optional link to colleges accounting software
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Goodenough College

  • 5 September 2016
  • EPoS and Cashless

Goodenough College in the heart of London provides residential accommodation for seven hundred postgraduates from the UK and all over the world. In the 2016 National Student Housing